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Essex Clambake is dedicated to providing you with outstanding service, highest quality seafood, innovative menus, and all at wicked competitive pricing. We strive to combine our over 4 generations of collective experience with your particular needs and desires to provide a unique and memorable dining experience for you and your guests. Based in Essex which is best known for our seafood and clams we bring you the goodness right from the sea.


Clambake Weddings

The mood is easy, and the food, well, our famous lobsters, clams, mussels, chowda, and more make for a full-on feast. Here's a budget-friendly reception idea: a backyard clambake! Not just for New England natives, this crowd favorite is perfect for a laid back, yet upscale picnic. Get creative with your decor while still keeping with a palette that's classically coastal: stripes, blue and white. Go as fancy as you'd like with lobster and large white tents, or stick to a casual setting with picnic tables and rustic fare.

Looking for a fun, unique and elegant reception idea? Formal & informal clambakes are on the rise. Some may think the phrase 'formal clambakes' as an oxymoron since they remember clambakes as a fun, casual and somewhat messy afternoon on the beach. But brides-to-be who want their reception to have a New England feel or ocean-inspired theme are opting for traditional old fashioned clambakes.

From Backyard BBQ's to Weddings

There are weddings people think are nice, and then there are those weddings that people talk about for years to come. That's a Essex Clambake kind of wedding. Whatever the flavor and style of your wedding, Essex Clambake is all about offering you choices. From backyard BBQ to weddings, and everything in between, we are committed to bringing you a stress free day, and the finest food, artfully prepared and beautifully presented. Our authentic New England lobster and clambakes are a popular couples choice and a truly unforgettable downeast experience. Choose your own location and we'll bring the party to you!

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The Rehearsal Dinner

Every wedding needs a rehearsal, and a rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to see that everyone in the wedding gets acquainted. Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is hosted by the groom's parents. Not only does this take some of the party-planning pressure off the bride and her parents, but it also helps the groom's family feel more involved.

The rehearsal dinner should be fun and lively - but there's no need to upstage or even attempt to equal the wedding itself - A catered event from Essex Clambake is the perfect ice breaker.


Explore our listings of venues to host your clambake or special event...Our clambake team travels, gear and all, to your own backyard or corporate site. Don’t have a site for your event? We’ll also travel to venues all around the state. Here are some suggested locations for your event or let us know where you are thinking of having your event and we can help you decide.

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